I created concepts and physical mockups for Paul Bernhard Exhibits in 2015. Here are samples that represent my contributions to Weiss Energy Hall at the Houston Museum of Natural Sciences, as well as other miscellaneous illustrations and concepts for exhibits around the world.

Energy City is a massive digital projection on a complex 3D printed surface representing Houston and the surrounding areas that demonstrates the different sources of energy that provide energy to the area. I created 3D files of the city itself, provided storyboards and animatics for what would be projected across the surface and even built a physical prototype, complete with working projection mapping.


Here are more scenes from Weiss Energy Hall I designed.

Hydrocarbon Processing concept
Final build
Houston Museum of Natural Science, Wiess Energy Hall, Paul Bernhard Exhibit Design & Consulting
EFX (Eagle Ford Shale Experience) part of the Wiess Energy Hall, Houston Museum of Natural Science, Houston, Texas
GEOGRAPHY OF HYDROCARBON GALLERY of the Wiess Energy Hall, Houston, Texas

Garden of the Gods Visitor Center

I created many illustrations and interactive screens for this museum remodel

These were some quick concepts for an energy exhibit in Qatar