For the last two years I’ve been working on Witiko, an indie game of my own. It’s been really fun and challenging, and by far the deepest dive I’ve ever had to make doing anything. Aside from stretching into all the standard art pipeline stuff, I’ve also learned so much using Blueprints to code the entire game in Unreal. Now when I hear engineers in the office talk about their work like 1% of it makes sense 🙂

Anyway, here’s some gifs of it in action from my most recent build. And infinite thanks to Chris Ewald, Josh Hansen, Kalia Pickett and Kevin Lam for their contributions and support.

Slingshotting some frog-chimps!

Animation retargeting with IK/FK blending

Of course a kid battling monsters needs his/her trusty water gun!

Super Move!

Soda POP grenades

A creepy eye monster

Boss battle

Using a baseball bat with some skill!